5 Quick Tricks to Preserve Wines

Tricks to Preserve Wines

Everybody wants to find quick tricks to preserve wines in a bottle. Of course, not all wines are suitable for aging. You much recognize the characteristics of wines that lend themselves to a gentle aging process versus the ones that just turn to vinegar. Hence, we need more culture, more education and more patience in storing the bottles.

But at this point the question arises, are there really “tricks” for wine to last longer in a bottle? How do we preserve it from premature aging? Here are our tricks of the trade, which gladly we make available to our readers.

Tricks to Preserve Wines

1) Keep the bottle in a horizontal position. If your bottle is closed with a cork should you keep lying down, so the leader will remain in contact with the liquid and the wood drying process will be more gradual because of a constant humidity.

2) Keep the wine away from light sources. The cellar where pin your bottles should be as little light as possible. The direct light oxidizes the liquids and then makes them age prematurely not only in color but also strips them of organoleptic components.

3) The temperature must be constant and quite low. The premises used to store your bottles should have a constant temperature which can be between 8 degrees and the maximum 14. In summer you can also go up to 16/18, but the increase should be very slow and not abrupt . The rapid swings are always detrimental and to be avoided.

4) Constant humidity, between 60% and max 80%. The cellar must not be too dry, because the caps may otherwise grow very quickly, but if the humidity is too high then the labels are likely to largest.

5) Only have ONE key to the cellar! We recommend not giving anyone the opportunity to break into your sacred cave. We know too many people who have had a relative in their lives; a son, an uncle, a well-meaning mother-in-law who ended up in the cellar by mistake and, without distinguishing a sublime bottle from daily swill, took the mythical bottle that had been carefully preserved for decades—and added it to the pot roast for extra flavor. In short, wine is a serious matter and do not let it fall into the wrong hands.

What are some of YOUR favorite tricks to preserve wines that you’re keeping for just the right time? A wine locker at your local liquor store? Do you keep the air conditioning turned down low even in the winter? Or have you spent a fair amount of money to invest in a professional grade custom wine cellar?

Let us know!

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