North Palm Beach Custom Wine Cellar for Collectors

The best wine cellars for homes are custom made jobs. Short of buying a medieval castle in Europe, a North Palm Beach custom wine cellar is the best way to preserve wine in your personal collection in our climate. And collecting wine is one of the few hobbies that can be both enjoyable and profitable.

Why do we collect and store wine? It has been said that the compulsion to collect and store wine is, in part, due to the “collectors impulse;” the need in human beings to create and savor like items of significance such as stamps, coins or rare bottles. This may be partly so, but collecting fine wine is something different in many ways.

Some collect wine for the sake of building an investment, and others simply because of the aesthetic value of the wine collection. Perhaps the most important reason is simply because of the sheer pleasure of having quality wines available and within your reach. A custom wine cellar is a source of infinite pleasure and interest, and a worthy addition to any home, if it’s within your means.

Red Wine Storage Temperature

red wine storageAny corked bottle of red wine you’ve stored at a cold temperature will still taste fine for 3-4 days. The wine storage space used to store your bottles should have a constant temperature, which can be between 46 degrees with a maximum of 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you don’t refrigerate it or keep it in a wine cooler, your open red wine will last for 2-3 days; it’s best not to consume it after that period of time. Most people prefer to finish red wine the day they open it; this is primarily because it develops a very acidic taste after two to three days and doesn’t taste good at all.

This taste change is caused by the oxidation process that takes place when the contents of the bottle are exposed to air molecules. It makes the wine lose its original flavor, and it ends up tasting very sour and bitter. In fact, you will also notice that oxidized wine looks very different from one that’s still good to drink. Oxidized wine is brown and dull in appearance. Thus the key to storing opened red wine is directly related to how you can prevent it from getting oxidized.

A Custom Wine Cellar to Collect and Store Wine

custom wine cellar for your homeCustom wine cellars and wine tasting rooms should be a collaborative effort between the aesthetic appeal that the customer envisions for their, and an optimally controlled environment to ensure proper care for the wine.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end wine cellar built from the finest quality timber or something more industrial and modern looking, quality matters. A temperature-controlled wine storage solution is essential to protect your investment and preserve the delicate properties of fine wine. The only thing worse than bad wine is good wine that’s been spoiled by poor storage.

Serious collectors understand that wine needs to be properly cellared in order to maximize its potential and safeguard the investment of time and money spent on their collection.

If you are planning a custom wine cellar as part of your home renovation, ask your builder to talk to us first to avoid expensive cost overruns. Remember: a custom wine cellar is not only a fun feature, it also adds substantial value to your property.

“Cellaring wine is capturing a season, a moment in time, to be opened and lived once again”